Looking for personalized guidance when it comes to doing work at the library? Curious how the library can help you in your area of study? We are here to help you. Each Faculty of the University has an academic library specialist who can help you make the most of your studies, assignments and research. This guide is intended to provide context, contacts, services offered, and best practices for the Subject Liaison Library programmes at the University of Kelaniya Libraries.

Subject Liaisons : FOR STUDENTS

We have a dedicated team of Academic Liaison Librarians who are your expert contacts for your subjects in your Faculty.

Your librarian will work with you and your lecturers to help you succeed in your studies. They ensure that we meet the teaching and research needs of the University. Whether you’re working on assignments, research projects, or just getting to know the libraries, your liaison can work with you to:

  • Understand and navigate University of Kelaniya’s library resources
  • Develop and refine a research topic
  • Optimize your search strategies
  • Connect you with relevant experts
  • Provide information resources
  • Conduct classes on Plagiarism, Referencing conventions, Dissertation preparation software, Literature surveys and reviews, Citation analysis , Information Literacy, App-based research etc.
  • Advice  on intellectual property, data management, indexing, citation analysis, publication avenues and copyright issues etc.
Subject Liaisons : FOR INSTRUCTORS

Liaison services are also provided by subject librarian, e.g. preparation for new courses and programmes, instructional workshops, research consultation, etc.   

  • conduct instruction sessions for your classes
  • create an online subject guide for your classes
  • help design effective research assignments
  • meet with individual students who require assistance with library research
  • consult on new courses you are developing
  • prepare library collection assessments that are required for new course/programme proposals
  • consult on how to incorporate information literacy into your courses/programmes
  • consider recommendations with regard to book purchases and journal subscriptions

Talk to your library liaison and we'll figure out a plan to connect your students with the best tools and materials.